The Muse Takes Many Forms....

Whether you want a simple recording of your song, a full-band arrangement, sheet music, or even a live performance - perfect for corporate or group events - there are many ways to Spread The Muse! Rates vary greatly, and Start Spreading The Muse! can accommodate your needs and your budget to create the perfect package. Just get in touch with whatever inspires you and we‘ll make it all come together.

Some questions to consider:

-Where, when, and how will this song be presented? Who will be present?

-You can have an all-original song (music & lyrics from scratch) or a take-off on an already existing song. Visit the Audio Archive for examples of both.

-Do you want the song recorded? If so, do you want a simple (guitar/piano + voice) arrangement, or a more complex ‘full-band‘ sound? (The second option allows you to create a song which sounds just like one you might hear on the radio. Clients have found this to be a very fun aspect of listening to their song.)

-Do you want to have the song performed live? We can provide performers, or you can learn and sing it yourself with accompanying music we‘ll provide. (This will make your song that much more memorable for people.)

-Would you like to appear on the recording of the song? (This creates a very personal, intimate listening experience for the recipient.)

-Are you interested in having a personalized mini-play or skit surrounding the song? Again, we can provide performers or just a script for you to act out. (This is a great option for corporate events, or for important milestone occasions where someone is being honoured or celebrated.)

To inquire about what‘s possible for your custom-crafted song, contact Start Spreading The Muse!