Welcome to START SPREADING THE MUSE! This form is designed to help you start the process of creating your custom-written song.

Things To Keep In Mind:

• This is your opportunity to express yourself through a song – and it can be any kind of song you want! So take some time to think about what it’s for, what you want it to say, and how you want it to sound.

• The more information you can provide, the more perfect your song will be in the end. Of course, all questions are optional: answer only what you want to answer.

• Be specific; we really want to get a sense of the person or event you’re creating this for, and your relationship with him/her/them/it.

• Submitting this form does NOT oblige you to purchase a song, so please use it to speculate and try ideas out.

• After receiving the form, we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss a concrete song proposal (including style, length, content, budget, etc.) and you can choose whether to go ahead with it at that point.

All about you

1. Your Name

2. Your Contact Information

3. Your Occupation

4. How did you hear about START SPREADING THE MUSE!?

5. Who are some of your favourite musical artists?

6. What are some of your favourite songs or musical pieces?

All about THEM

7. Name of Song Recipient

8. Age of Song Recipient

9. Occupation of Song Recipient

10. What is the occasion for which you want a song written? (e.g. birthday, wedding, first date, work Christmas party, no reason) And when is this occasion taking place?

11. What is your relationship to this person/group/event? (e.g. son/daughter, teacher, employee, organizer)

12. Is this a surprise gift? YES    NO

13. Who are some of their favourite artists?

14. What are some of their favourite songs or musical pieces?

All about THE SONG

15. If you had to sum up the message of this song in one or two sentences, what would it/they be?

16. What mood do you want this song to express? (e.g. "gentle and loving, "upbeat and funny", "intense and emotional", etc.)

17. Who or what do you want this song to sound like? (Feel free to name particular artists, songs, styles, eras, or even images.)

18. How or where will this song be presented? (e.g. In private or to a large crowd; at the event itself or beforehand; etc.)

19. Please list any background information you can think of about this person, group, or event that might be appropriate to include in the song. This can include inside jokes, shared memories, hot secrets, their likes/dislikes, or anything else you think would help us understand the recipient and your relationship better.


20. Please add any comments or questions you have about anything to do with START SPREADING THE MUSE!, our songwriting services, or our website.