"Okay. We’re all done crying now (I'm at my parents’ house so they got the inaugural listen too). Jade loves it and was dancing from the Appendix story onwards. I knew the lyrics were wonderful but your music is also perfect - I couldn’t have articulated what i wanted better than what you chose. I feel like you’re part of the family now." -Janet Zanutto, Port Colborne, Ontario; winner of CBC Radio’s "Be Immortalized In Song" contest, and mother of Jade Morningstar)

"Your song made me laugh and cry. Jade Morningstar is my grand-niece. I am Puppa’s daughter. I am spreading the Muse to everyone who will listen. Thank you and keep on musing." -Nancy McNeil, Ontario

"Your song for Rick was absolutely right on!! It was what I had hoped for when thinking of a song for Rick to capture his essence. You have a gift Daniel as well as a great voice!!" -Eva DiCasmirro, Vancouver, BC; wife of Rick Babcock (recipient of Pathway to Nirvana)

"Hey Daniel: You are one TALENTED guy! That song was the highlight of my weekend and let me tell you there were a lot of surprises!
I'm spreading the word so I hope you’re ready for business... There are no words to thank you enough..."
-Terise Parnes, Orange County, California; recipient of That Woman’s Fifty!)

"I just wanted to tell you that the song you did for Terise was great and I can’t wait until I can use your services for one of my occcasions. -Kim Lynch, Suffern, New York; friend of Terise

"The kids were so excited, they must have played the song 20 times on Christmas Day alone and each time they heard it, they would jump around, sing along and laugh hysterically! The kids were overjoyed to hear their names on national radio yesterday, their teacher put the radio on in class and all their classmates got to listen to it! Great job Daniel, you rock!" -Tim Logie, uncle of Logan, Halle, Coleman, and Aiden (the kids in the song A Very Bailey Christmas)

"My mom loved the song.  She laughed, then she cried, then she laughed, then she cried.  She said some very nice things to me, and then she said, "This Daniel is amazing... very talented... I’ve never even heard of such a thing.  I love it!"  Later she added, "I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to listen to it without crying."  It’s another reminder to the woman who is my mom that I love her and cherish her, and I’m grateful and proud that I had your assistance in creating it.  Thank you." -Michael Bean, Vancouver, giver and lead singer of Merry Christmas, Nancy Bean

"That’s just great. Very funny, very clever." - Harvey Moster, recipient of Through And Through (Harvey Moster, You’re 82!)

"Wazza?...... Yaaaaaay!!!" -Rory Shea, age 2, recipient of Rory Shea!

"What an incredible gift! I've never received anything like it before. It's not often enough that we get to be someone's muse - it's a good feeling, believe me, makes you feel like a star." -Chad Hershler, recipient of Chad’s Birthday Song

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