• What is Custom Songwriting?
• Why spread the Muse?
• Where and when can I spread the Muse?
• Who does the songwriting?
• What kind of songs are we talking about here?
• What services are offered, how much does it cost, and how does it work?


What is Custom Songwriting?

Take something or someone that’s important to you, and imagine them captured perfectly in a song. That’s what we provide at START SPREADING THE MUSE! You supply the information and the message, and we provide the songwriting and performing expertise. The result is a song that says everything you want to communicate, in a completely unique way. The people in your life will be moved, entertained, and delighted! (top)

Why spread the Muse?

Music is both universal and personal. Songs have a unique and enduring power to convey ideas and emotions. They conjure up memories, tell stories, and express human experiences with an intimacy and immediacy that nothing else can match.

START SPREADING THE MUSE! gives you access to the world of songwriting, channeling your message through a memorable, delightful song created just for you. (top)

Where and when can I spread the Muse?

You can “spread the Muse” anytime you have something to communicate and want it to really communicate in an inspired and inspiring way.

START SPREADING THE MUSE! is ideal for all gift-giving occasions: e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, Christmas, Hannukah. It’s a terrific way to make a romantic proposal, whether it’s for a first date, or even marriage! And consider standing out by using an original song in a company event, business presentation or political or social campaign. Hey - you could even order a song for yourself! (Who wouldn't love to have their own theme song?) (top)

Who does the songwriting?

START SPREADING THE MUSE! is the brainchild of Daniel Maté, a Vancouver-based songwriter, singer, musician, and actor. He plays several instruments, has a wide range of musical styles at his fingertips, and is a clever, compassionate, and versatile lyricist. Click here for Daniel’s biography. (top)

What kind of songs are we talking about here?

START SPREADING THE MUSE! offers you a nearly unlimited range of choices when it comes to musical styles and sounds. We will work with you to find a genre that suits your message perfectly: from folk to pop to bluegrass to hip-hop to punk rock to all-out-Broadway-showstopper, we’ll make sure the song will have the intended effect.

Lyrically, you have just as much freedom. You can opt to have new words written to a favourite song, or you can go for a completely original tune. Whether you want the result to be funny or serious, ironic or impassioned, classy or crude, mellow or high-energy, count on START SPREADING THE MUSE! to create a song that hits all the right notes. (top)

What services are offered, how much does it cost, and how does it work?

• The easiest way to get started is to fill out our online form, which will help us get a sense of what you’re looking for. Alternately, you can phone or e-mail us with your ideas or questions.

• We will get back to you within 48 hours. We may have some further questions for you, after which we will propose and discuss a song idea.

• At this point you can choose to go ahead with the song or not. If you do, we will write lyrics for your song and present them to you for your approval. With your feedback, we will then create the finished product, and supply you with a lyric sheet and a high-quality recording of the song.

• You have a variety of options for your song, depending on how simple or complex you want it.

• Please see our Services & Rates page for complete details. (top)